About us

Packaging economically, packaging professional

We start packaging business for a few jewelry brand customers, more we involved in packaging supply, more we found it's not friendly for small business to get a professional packaging supply. Most packaging suppliers require a very huge quantity as the industrial manufacture works with industrial machines and systems. So small and medium businesses could not afford packaging product with their own brand design, needless to say a comprehensive packaging solution for the brand or product line.

We research the technology and process of packaging supply industry. On early 2018, we developed our first agile printing solution for PE, fabric pouches. It enables a full-color print on already made pouches, which is advanced than traditional silk screen printing.

Base on the first success of printing approach for pouches, we developed the system, which enable a workable approach on more packaging products from the packaging suppliers. We are still working on the development and it's the time to provide our achievements of sophisticated products online for more customers.